Simple solutions for solidarity

The broad stroke of humanitarian issues is something that plagues every single person the world over. Whether it’s climate change, warfare, famine, or poverty, there is suffering regardless of where you are. The unfortunate reality can be incredibly taxing, leaving people to wonder whether their efforts do make a difference. Can one person do anything of value? The answer is yes. In reality, the slightest effort can have a considerable impact, and we are about to show you how and why. 

Small actions over time can have a significant impact through inspiration and solidarity. When you consciously change your habits and behaviours, you indirectly inspire others to do the same. This result creates a ripple effect that can change the world. If everyone changes their way of living, a form of solidarity begins to manifest. The key here is where to make these small changes; well, the team at Waoh has created a small list that will help inspire you, with the hopes that you will inspire others. The power of one person is mighty, but what is the power of one little article? We would argue massively.

Checkout Micro Donations

Have you ever been to a restaurant or a local supermarket, and right at the end of your purchase, you received a question – would you like to donate 0.01 to this association ? This charitable micro-donation is a perfect example of small efforts making a significant impact. One of the largest micro-donation charities in the United Kingdom is Pennies. They have donated over forty million US dollars directly from micro-donations. Today, Pennies have gathered a total of one hundred and forty-five million micro-donations; that is outstanding.

Many of these donations came from average working citizens who don’t have much money to spare. However, they can donate a few cents here and there. This behaviour has a massive effect when compounded over a large population, as shown in the above figures. So, next time you are at checkout, if you can spare it, we encourage you to consider making a micro-donation. You may think that it won’t make a difference, but as a matter of fact, it definitely will. Through solidarity, we can make a difference, as Pennies reported that they could donate over one billion a year if every person in the UK just donated 35P.

Second-Hand Clothing

Purchasing or donating second-hand clothing is a great way to be environmentally friendly; while saving money and helping those in need. If you are about to purchase new clothing, ask yourself whether it is necessary to buy something new. Show solidarity and instead opt for something second-hand. The quality is often the same, but the price is almost twice as low. On the flip side, if you find an abundance of clothing, consider selling or donating to someone in need. This method is a great way to show solidarity as you will save the planet and provide clothing to those in need.

Suspended Coffee

In recent years, an up-and-coming scheme has become known as the ‘Suspended Coffee.’ Simply put, the idea is to purchase a coffee for yourself and buy a secondary coffee for someone in need. There is no system for proving who gets the coffee but instead derives from good faith. It isn’t realistic to do this every time you purchase a coffee, but a suspended coffee a week could be the difference someone needs in their day or life. We all know how incredible a well-earned coffee makes you feel. Well, to someone in need, it could make all the difference. Through conscious effort and small moments of solidarity like this, we might not change the world, but we will change that person’s world.


Everyone is living their life with happiness and struggles. It isn’t easy to know what one person is facing, so we can best look for one another and the planet to be conscious. With conscious solidarity solutions like the ones mentioned above, we can make a difference, one person at a time. If you have ever had someone change your life for the better, we encourage you to share your story on Waoh !

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